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Expert coating services

The automotive industry relies on expert coating solutions for just about every part of a car. Our team creates solutions for your products by providing coatings that make the difference. We are known for providing products that are highly durable, corrosion resistant and rust and chip free.

Take advantage of a team that understands your industry. Specializing in auto coating solutions, our team offers exceptional service with quick turnaround time at an affordable price.

Our coating types include:

Industrial coating

Our coating creates high quality products that are resistant to heat, in such components as engine blocks, exhaust manifolds and headers. Our team helps you create products that last, giving you a competitive edge over others in your industry.

- Fluoropolymer, Xylan® and Phenolic

- Molybdenum Disulfide

- Epoxy and Epoxy, thermal cure

- Polyurethane and Phosphate

- Inorganic Zinc, PTFE and FEP- PTFE

- PVDF/Kynar®, PVDF/Dykor®, PPS/Ryton® and ECTFE/Halar®