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Performance, protection and polish

Ceramic coating provides exceptional protection for products that are under extreme heat. When tested, the coating provided protection for a product at over 900 degrees. There's a lot to say about a coating that can withstand that type of heat! Our team specializes in ceramic coating application for a variety of metal products to ensure solid protection, improve efficiency and enhance its look.

Providing you with a competitive edge with products that last. Trust in our expert team to provide you with safe and affordable solutions.

Exceptional products and use

Perfect for auto products

Exhaust headers benefit greatly from the use of ceramic coating. Because of the moisture and heat emitted from the exhaust system, and the environmental factors that can reach the exterior of the exhaust system underneath a car, this coating is perfect to create products that will last for years.

- Ceramic epoxy coating

- Baked on ceramic coating

- Chemical resistant

- Abrasion resistant

- Heat resistant

- Provides a polished appearance

- Available in a variety of colors and finishes

- Easy to clean