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Safe, reliable and recyclable

Powder coating provides an eco-friendly way to protect your metals from harm, abrasions and environmental factors that can cause damage over time. Power coating provides you with a durable, chip and rust-free solution to all of your metal products. Over flow of powder during application can be reused, giving this method an environmental advantage. Whether your project is big or small, Thompson's Metal Coating can handle it all quickly and affordably.

Choose a coating that works well with all types of products and is environmentally sound. You're protection just got even better.

Advantages of powder coating

Powder coating for all types of products

With an increase in demand, powder coating has become a popular choice among appliance manufacturers and the automotive industry. Because powder coating is solvent free it can be used on a wider variety of materials, and has the ability to perfectly match colors on your vehicle, fixture or metal parts.

- Cost effective

- Environmentally safe

- Meets federal and state regulations

- Decreased processing time

- Overspray reusable

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Attractive, colorful, and versatile

- Easing assembly and disassembly